Our Agents’ Core Strategy

First, they represent the “attorney’s interest” in the lateral process, NOT the “law firm’s interest,” and act as the attorney’s “agent,” thus abandoning their name of Legal Recruiter and adopting our name of Network Agent.

Second, they “window shop” the entire IP marketplace on behalf of the attorney they represent, going straight to the powerbase of the firm—all without disclosing the identity of the attorney—and seeking out exactly what the attorney wants! Many times the powerbase may be in a different geographical area other than where the search is being conducted.

Why Job Fill When Our Focus Is Attorney Representation?

Through the process of shopping the marketplace on behalf of an attorney, our Network Agent may discover “Career Changing Opportunities”. They might not fit the needs of the attorney being represented, but do fit the parameters for what our Network Agents consider as valuable opportunities for other attorneys.

Our Network Agents want to take advantage of the career changing opportunities they encounter for other IP Attorneys in the marketplace. They reach out to Only IP Law for assistance locating attorneys who may have an interest in these opportunities.

How Only IP Law Supports Our Network Agents

As our Network Agents have their priorities fully focused on the attorneys they represent, our Marketing Representatives assist our Network Agents in getting the word out on these career changing opportunities.