About Us

As a Legal Recruiting Network, Only IP Law has brought together the world’s leading “Rainmaker IP Recruiters” to pursue the transformation of the legal recruiting process. These Rainmakers, who share the concept of representing attorneys’ interests in the lateral recruiting process, have joined together in one Network and now act as “Network Agents.” Our Agents play crucial roles in moving individual Partners, building Small Groups, and orchestrating megamergers within Intellectual Property law. They also assist Associate-Level IP attorneys in advancing their skill sets to expedite their paths into Partnership roles.

Our Mission


Put Top-Flight IP Attorneys in touch with our Network Agents who take a unique approach to legal recruiting by acting as the attorney’s agent in the search process.

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Bring awareness to IP Attorneys regarding career-changing opportunities that exist within the IP Job Marketplace.

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Provide newsworthy information to the IP Job Marketplace and conduct various surveys to gather industry-relevant data, such as our Annual Bonus Survey.

News Flash

Our Agents Elevate Careers

Our Network Agents continue to transform the status quo of the current “Lateral Recruiting Marketplace” through our untraditional approach to legal recruiting. Our Agents represent the interests of attorneys seeking career moves and elevate their clients’ careers by placing them in greater positions of power within law firms in the AM 100/200 and the middle market.

How We Work

Our Network Agents submit their opportunities to Only IP Law. From there, our approach is simple: utilize a variety of marketing venues to share these opportunities. If an Attorney expresses interest, we will put them in direct contact with that position’s Network Agent after a brief screening process. The Network Agent then decides if they will continue screening the interested attorney for possible representation. All information we obtain is held in strict confidence.

How Our Agents Identify Career-Changing Opportunities

Our Network Agents discover career-changing opportunities for their attorneys by proactively engaging with the powerbase of law firms (including various members of the Executive and Administrative committees). While marketing a client, our Agent can find that although a firm may not have a need for their person, many times IP Leaders disclose specific needs that are critical to their group. These are the career changing opportunities that our Network Agents want to take advantage of.

The time involved in representing their clients does not allow the margin for our Network Agents to recruit talent for these newly discovered opportunities. Once the Network Agent has discovered a career-changing opportunity, they turn to Only IP Law to promote that position within the IP marketplace.