Bonus Surveys

following data to success

Only IP Law conducts various surveys throughout the year. We attempt to measure the IP business climate, progress of firms, and associate satisfaction, along with annual bonuses. We do our best to provide the IP community valuable information to help guide IP professionals with their legal careers. We welcome and appreciate your participation as our surveys are only as good as your participation.

In many of our surveys, we ask you for your firm's name. We do not track your identity, nor do we have the ability to track your identity as our survey provider, SurveyMonkey, does not offer us identity-tracking capabilities, so you can feel secure when providing your firm name. We feel it is valuable information for the IP community to know how law firms are performing on various fronts.

If there is any information you feel is important that we survey in the future, please e-mail us and we will attempt to honor your request.